Circle of Trust

The ♦Circle of Trust♦ for B2B Marketers

The Circle of Trust is a model, or framework for how I think idea markets work.
Yes, the phrase was memorably coined in the film Meet the Parents .

The premise behind the Circle of Trust is fairly simple, and was informed by a lot of reading, thinking and developing ways to practically bring the theory to life.

Influence is earned through the hard work of building trust. It’s similar to the emotional bank account that Stephen Covey articulated in the 7 Habits series.  But trust can be fickle, and from an “institutional” perspective is increasingly hard to come by (check out the Edelman Trust Barometer for a look at some hard survey evidence).

Trust is earned:

  • By advancing great ideas of substance – or those with “chops” (read Velocity Partners’ B2B Marketing Manifesto)
  • When spread through personal connections (what Edelman observed as the rise of the credentialed spokesperson)
  • When democratized across accessible and intelligent platforms
  • Through cultivating uncanny insights about who/what/where drives influence
  • By having the skill, creativity and foresight to inject knowledge continuously back into the process. Apply. Rinse. Repeat.

Thus, completing the circle.

As a reforming B2B marketer who was much more comfortable performing “random acts of marketing” this transition is huge.  Yet like all processes of transformation, it requires a change of heart, change of mind and change in action.

I recognize the Circle is a work in process – but it is very rewarding to have created foundations, or re-imagined aspects of marketing and put them into action. Life, it would appear – imitates art.

Help evolve the model.  What are your ideas to improve it?

Circle of Trust – Ver 2

Circle of Trust Version 2

Circle of Trust

First Generation – Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust Model

The Circle of Trust for B2B Marketers


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