Bard’s Best

Thank you
for taking the time to read, comment and share my work.
Below, find a list of reader and personal favorites.

Celebration & Inspiration
The Shots You Never Take
11   Reasons I Run
Our Journeys of Ascension
5 Wonderful Ways to Rewire ROI
Creative Expression
Kodachrome (The Instagram ReMix)
Shout, the Klout Remix
Ireland’s Call (for Limericks)
Click Through Magoo
Marketing Leadership
Blog Like Phineas
A Survival Guide to Marketing Cabin Fever
The Gilligan Effect in B2B Marketing
Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
Market Like a Wonka
Content Soup: Mmm Mmm Good
Marketing: A Metamorphosis
The Tao of Mark Schaefer
My Privilege to Lead
Follow Friday Honor Roll
The Company You Keep
Fifty Shades Nifty
Our Twenty Year Playlist
The 19 Year Itch
With a Smile

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