Lucky Number Twenty-Two

Our Wedding Day

My Lucky Number 22

I have a metal sign in my shed.

Maroon background. Gold letters. It says “Gill 22”.

The sign bears the jersey number and maiden name of my wife Jinny.

She is a standout athlete, a talented coach, a loyal fan and a fierce competitor.

22 is her favorite number – and it’s my lucky number.

I’ve had her on my team for 22 years. She’s helped build a pretty great franchise.

With some continued practice, and plenty lot of luck, a league will spring up around us.

I tend to be a bit sentimental when it comes to milestones.  I went digging through our old photo albums (next to our 8-track tapes) and unearthed the “creative” from our wedding program. The poem below “Just Do It” was the centerpiece.

Yes, it had a sports theme. But upon reflection, it’s helped set the tone for our adventure together.

Our wedding party was divided into a Blue Team (dresses) and White Team (tuxes) – and was complete with appointed captains (best man & maid of honor).

We had someone “officiate” (deacon) the game – but we’ve pretty much been playing together without a referee ever since.

To my lucky number twenty-two – I’m so glad we wrote the rules for a successful and thrilling game.

My love always.

Just Do It

What game is this we start today
While walking down the aisle?
There are no nets in which to play,
Or opponents to beguile.

What field is this on which we tread
In clothes of wool and lace?
Is that a veil upon her head
And makeup on her face?

We enter not into this game
Without court rules and shoes.
We enter, thinking quite the same
That life is made for twos.

We vow respect in all we do
Though fouls may be called.
We want to learn and to renew
From times the game is stalled.

The vows we take shall be our guide
Through battered knees and shins.
Let them lead us, side by side,
And let the Games Begin!

Post Script:

It’s Valentine’s Day 2018, and my lucky 22 and I are still in the game at 25, and counting.
I love you Jinny with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind.
Eternally yours,