A Hero’s Touch

Maurice M. Young

Maurice M. Young, Sr. – US Coast Guard

My Grandfather lived a long and healthy life of 89 years.

He served in the U.S. Coast Guard, surviving a typhoon in the Pacific Ocean.

He worked 44 years at a newspaper publisher, and 20 more post-retirement at a food store because he just loved to be among people.

He was an ordained deacon for 66 years and served on the board of commercial and civic organizations.  He sang with a group known as the Sea Notes, which sadly I never got to experience first hand.

A role model in how he loved life – he strove tirelessly to be a light to others.  His smile started deep within his soul and just seemed to pour out of him.

He passed away on March 20th, 2013 after a seven month battle with cancer, but leaves a transcendent legacy of hope and kindness.

We all have a hero’s touch that’s waiting to be unleashed. Thank you Grandpa for yielding yours so amazingly well.

A typhoon might have foiled this plot,
But for the grace of God.
Instead a faith was richly grown
In shoes quite humbly shod.

A leader grand with calloused hands
He built a simple life,
And shared much love with those he met
In times of joy or strife.

This man whose smile did light the room,
Transform its very space,
Cast shadows tall, set hearts aglow
From simple acts of grace.

A hero strong, he wore no cape
His presence in me lingers.
I hope and pray this magic touch

Comes forth from my soul’s fingers.


3 thoughts on “A Hero’s Touch

  1. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for sharing a great story about your grandfather. He must have been an amazing person. I spent a few years in the Coast Guard reserve which caught my attention as well.


    • Mark,

      Thanks for your comment. I didn’t know you served in the USCG. My Grandpa’s experiences there helped shaped how he approached life.

      He lived by a simple code that set a high bar for emotional generosity. Hope you and Cheryl are doing well. Cheers,


  2. You never fail to touch my heart with your gift of expression. He loved you so much, and you are so much like him. Thank you for honoring him once again. Love you, mom

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