Giving Pause

Pause ButtonWe have so many ways and times to show gratitude in our lives. Sometimes though, we get so immersed in living amidst chaos, that we can’t find the feeling of gratitude, or a way to express it adequately.

Think of this as a permission slip to press the pause button on your life’s remote control. Think. Feel. Thank.

Giving Pause

In theory all my gratitude could crash the internet
The evidence on paper holds the theory is quite wet.

My mind gives grace in many ways, directs me to display
An utterance, a knowing look, a thought on which to pray.

But when I pause to jot them here, I bleed the keyboard dry.
The backspace key’s my frenemy to render meaning nigh.

In gratitude for family, their gravity unequaled
Thankful for the peace they bring, happy they’re my people.

In gratitude for friendship, laugh lines formed ‘neath my eyes
Thankful how they cut me slack, and challenge me to rise.

In gratitude for comfort formed on Maslow’s sturdy base,
Thankful for these holy gifts, delivered by God’s grace.

In gratitude for meaning, ignition for our souls
Thankful we have will and skill to chase our deepest goals.

In gratitude for love, an opiate most high
Thankful we contribute to its infinite supply.

For pressing the pause button, I’m thankful for your time
And if you care to add your own, don’t worry if they ryhme.



4 thoughts on “Giving Pause

  1. I’m no poet but I know how to rhyme.
    So I decided to make a little time,
    To express how very much I appreciate all of you,
    So many times we’ve supported each other through.

    Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.


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