With a Smile

I wrote the letter below to my Grandpa who recently became seriously ill.

While intensely personal at its core, it conveys a broader spirit of hope. Hope that we recognize special people in our lives, and let them know just how much.

Celebrate people of character around you. Cherish their generosity. Bask in their spirituality and absorb their wisdom.

And let them leave you with a smile.


Thank you for putting poetry in my heart, a song in my soul, and service in my spirit.

A blessing to those you encounter, you simply can’t help but radiate joy even when the chips are down. I know your special gift to the world is to leave it better than you found it. You’re always leaving those around you with a smile. Especially me.

With a Smile

Miles between us, years it seems
Bridged by moments, savored dreams.
The bond of peace between great friends
An understanding that words transcend.

We talk about how little things
Like rosin, tune our inner strings.
We wish for time in moments quiet
Despite the knowing, choose to defy it.

The principles and peace you’ve taught
Endure in me, just as you’ve sought.
My teacher grand and compass north
The twinkle in your eyes shines forth.

And though the night it starts to fall
You cast a shadow, strong and tall.
We part with hope, despite this trial
Full in heart, and with a smile.

With much love, peace and gratitude I hope this note brings you a smile.



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