Thanks for the Klout (v2)

Thanks for Klout Plus K (Klout +K)

A dose of Klout, not legal tender
within my spirit does engender –
an extra spring, a dose of rhythm
not captured in their algorithm.

For showing generosity
these thanks in verse, I wrote for thee.
May each Klout “moment” you create
Accrue to you, influence great.

  > Enhanced thanks, 2 stanzas – 9/7/12

Thanks much for your Klout gift today
And the keystroke that sent it my way.
In your honor I wrote,
A small limerick to note
That your +K did so make my day.

  > My original thanks in limerick – May 7th 2012

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2 thoughts on “Thanks for the Klout (v2)

  1. Bill,

    “Thank you!” I love your +k limerick! You’re such a creative writer (and person) and this is yet another example. You really helped make my day with your kindness.


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