For Teachers, Questions are Answers

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” Japanese proverb

My agent (aka my lovely wife) encouraged me to write this piece in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week.

While written in gratitude to our local elementary school teachers, this is for teachers everywhere, who commit to make a difference in the lives they encounter.

For Teachers, Questions Are Answers
Who do you know where your impact best shows?
Can the last become first, when they learn how to thirst?

What would you say, in the course of a day?
Do you open young minds, to bring light through the blinds?

Where is the boundary, with roots forged in your foundry?
When you show that you care, will they branch out from there?

When do they reach, past the words in your speech?
Does your talent applied, form an echo inside?

Why through the year does your spirit not veer?
Did someone great teach you, and in doing so, reach you?

Tell a teacher who has made an impact on you, or your child – how much their work really matters.