Our Journeys of Ascension

Today, Good Friday, is a great day for me.  For many others too, I hope it’s a chance to reflect.

Beyond the specific beliefs of our chosen religions, I believe we are all connected by universal truths.

And to varying degrees of intensity, we use them to guide our lives.

  • Energy among us that is unseen and life-giving
  • Hope that we can prevail through life’s toughest journeys
  • Belief in our ability to re-imagine, redefine and renew who we are
  • Faith in something far beyond ourselves

We are all on our own journeys of ascension;
that is, to become better versions of ourselves.

Sometimes we go higher than we ever thought possible. Sometimes we fall.  Circumstances change – and so we must.

I recently listened to Eric Weihenmayer captivate a room of 700+ leaders with the story of his ascension.

Eric has conquered the 7 highest summits on the 7 continents of the Earth.

And if that isn’t a remarkable testament to his physical and mental toughness – then the fact that he did so as a blind man makes you rethink the very definition.

But he couldn’t make the 7 climbs outside, without making the tougher inner climb. Loss, acceptance, imagination, readiness, action.

There’s a lot to Eric’s story . He moved this crowd of leaders to tears several times in the hour and a half he spoke.

I suspect that many like me were called to contemplate their own process of reinvention.

There were two things Eric said that stuck hardest with me. He spoke in terms that I believe are universal truths – and worthy of deeper reflection in our own journeys of ascension. I will paraphrase.

Life is a never-ending process of reaching into the darkness. Within each of us is a light – the light of the human spirit that guides us forward.

Within each of us is the power to summon enough courage to live our lives within the framework of a vision – a vision that only we can create for ourselves.

We all have the power to summon dreams, and to be intoxicated by them. The vision for own renewal is less a question of sight, and more a receptivity to believe.

Our ascensions are anchored by belief, propelled by hope, tested through faith and surrounded by a spirit that lives abundantly among us.

We all have the tools for the climb – we just need to get used to working with them.


2 thoughts on “Our Journeys of Ascension

  1. Bill

    A very uplifting read on this Good Friday. Indeed the opportunity for renewal, to.reinvent oneself in the challenging world in which we live is a gift we all must cherish.


    • Mark – Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Yes, life is a gift. That’s the base camp.. How we use the gift then – is the climb . Best,


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