The Tao of Mark Schaefer

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“There is a majestic random synergy that holds the potential to impact your life” ~ Mark Schaefer, The Tao of Twitter

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet Mark Schaefer in person, extending a virtual relationship sown from within his {grow} community.

I also discovered how “Tao” gets created.

From a distance, Mark seemed like a role model instructor; one who could blend practical “I did this” experience and structured “how to” ideas to enlighten an academy of aspiring bloggers.

As an adjunct professor at Rutgers, and an author of two books, I knew we were in for some great instruction. In the course of his visit, Mark transcended the promise of being an effective teacher.

We learned a ton. An hour dissolved into an instant.

But even more remarkably, he generated a “majestic synergy” from the encounter – an elixir of wisdom, passion, laughter, and the power of human connection.

You could say he left an enduring mark.
So I thought it only proper to give back some enduring thanks.
This poem arose from the Tao that Mark built.

The Tao of Mark Schaefer
This fellow in Knoxville I know
Is in business to help others {grow}.
I can see it’s his pleasure,
To ensure that we’ll treasure
The gift of his energy flow.

He regaled us with stories and facts –
Tribal wisdom derived from life’s hacks.
But the force that we’d savor
Was the Tao of Mark Schaefer,
Which tripled the learning impact.

If you’ve ever spent time with Mark, I think you know what I mean.


4 thoughts on “The Tao of Mark Schaefer

  1. I loved Mark’s book “Tao of Twitter”, and find his {grow} blog to be full of useful ideas.

    I’m attending one of his sessions next month, and hope to come away as inspired as you were (although I doubt my poem will be as good!)

    Any other resources you would recommend to help with Twitter (especially how to use for B2B)?

    • Steve,

      Thanks for visiting – and for your comment. I’m an avid reader typically of web content covering social media, and I’ve probably read 3 dozen articles with plenty of tips (MarketingProfs and HubSpot come top of mind). My take on Twitter, and other social platforms is that there is shortcut for solid planning, and no better way to learn than through immersion. Lead with a strong strategy and objectives, create listening points – and engage using the 3 principles in Schaeffer’s Tao (targeted followers, meaningful content and authentic helpfulness). Think how P2P (person to person) fits within your B2B strategy and company culture, and dig in!


  2. Damn. You brought a tear to my eye and that is not easy to do! This is really overwhelming Bill.

    What a lovely tribute that I will cherish. This is a keeper. My first poem! : )

    Many thanks!

    • Mark, Thanks for a great day – the feedback has been really great. As promised the “Tao of Twitter” was an easy read and a helpful resource. Return on Influence is next on my agenda. My best, Bill

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