Mad Lib Valentine Remix

Be My Valentine

Mad Lib Valentine

One of the first posts I wrote (a year ago) arose from a stroke of creative, almost childish inspiration.

Create a Valentine’s Day Card, and personalize it Mad Libs style!

My hope of course, was that readers would print the carefully crafted card, add several verbs – and give it to the object of their enduring love.

What could possibly show more brilliant originality!

Well, it was a bit of an undiscovered treasure.
Chalk it up to being a rookie blogger.

This year, I’m re-releasing the concept. I still believe there are aspiring poets among you. You just need some encouragement.

And apparently, some expanded discovery options.

See how approachable it is via the text below
Visualize how it will look via the in-stream image
Stop all the navel-gazing, and download the PDF

How you choose to fill in the blanks is completely up to you. You can express your love with as much reverence or ribaldry as makes sense.

Enjoy responsibly.  And have a _______________ (adjective) Valentine’s Day!

Oh my ______________________ (name of your partner) you were born to amaze!
The way you ______________________ (verb present tense) sets my sould ablaze.
From that first embrace you ______________________ (verb past tense) my mind.
Let me ______________________ (verb future tense) you again, forever entwined.

Mad Lib Valentine Card

Mad Lib Valentine Card

Download the “Mad Lib” Valentine (PDF, 122 KB)