The Best Intro Ever

Think of this post as a prologue.

An unsolicited and poetic intro to another’s body of work. Perhaps the best intro ever.

While the verse is mine, the inspiration for the post arose from the mind of a colleague, Margie Clayman.

Margie recently released her first e-book – a compendium of thoughts on Social Media Engagement.

She noticed that I tweeted about her work – and thoughtfully pinged me back with thanks.  I joked with her that the analogies in the book would make good fodder for a poem.

Homeric Epic, she mused? Cliff Notes, I retorted. I decided to give it a go.

I’ve never met Margie personally. But I have a lot of respect for her ideas, and how she conveys them.

Author. Conversationalist. Editor. Producer. Creator of work that is principled, thoughtful and deep.  Work that challenges paradigms. Work that rings the occasional bell.

Work that is worthy of The Best Intro Ever.

I don’t know I got this social, I didn’t used to be.
Thus beckoned hence, I celebrate the extrovert in me.

Through deep soul-searching I did find, a value point. A niche.
I walk a path less traveled by – the North I choose to hitch.

Like ivy find me branching out, but minding where I grow.
While some spread wild, others die. But me, I seek out flow.

I oft observe a wagging tongue, a cannon loose and fast
The tempo which I choose to keep, will make me built to last.

Among the deadly sins I’ve found, that overstate your klout
Are spamming, shilling, flagellating, puffing your chest out.

Seek out with care a tribe or clan; some good like-minded peeps.
Community will flourish with the company you keep.

Yet don’t forget, the internet with charlatans and thieves,
Will take ideas claimed as their own; o’er this you’re sure to grieve.

But when you fall, the ground will be as soft as you relent,
Back to the plate we all must step, until our bat is spent.

These lessons spun in Margie’s way, are built with depth and care.
So bookmark now, browse later on, and if you like – please share.

Whose Prologue will you write today?