The Company You Keep

Celtic Knot

This post is a celebration of friendship. Those deep within our personal circle of trust.

Great friendships don’t have time stamps. They never expire. True relationships endure.

The symbol of the Celtic Knot represents the eternal and infinite bond of friendship. This post is a composite of many close friendships interleaved as though they were one.

The Company You Keep
Decades etched upon my face, a hairline long since gone.
The sun has risen up half way. What happened to the dawn?

The day we met I can’t pretend has long escaped my mind
This sleight of hand from Father Time is just a tad unkind.

I can’t recall the tipping point. The time we really meshed.
But I believe, from that point forth our lives have both been blessed.

We bowled in plaids, and preppy shirts, surviving glance and glare
Unmatched in every aspect, we made the perfect pair.

We gathered in the kitchen, we sang along off key.
The best duet in other ways, came down to you and me.

We made it through the hurricane, some parts just really blew.
But in the still that followed, the sun it danced on you.

We gathered by the fire pit, we let some lanterns fly
And with the kids our laughter sailed about three miles high.

We sifted through the sand and surf, in search of sea glass treasure
And as the sun set on the bay, our peace you scarce could measure.

We traveled through the mountains, and rented a chalet
Some tailgate fun, the warm fall sun. A perfect holiday.

The roots behind our story – they run both wide and deep.
And I for one am proud to be the company you keep.

In each of us lives a poet, and a story teller.
Tell the company you keep, how glad you are to be in their story.
And feel free to make this poem part of the story.


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