The Shots You Never Take

Basketball Sky

This post was inspired by the leader of our CYM basketball program, who asked if I could write a piece for the St. Joes Blue Storm program.

My family is actively involved with the Blue Storm program as players, my wife is an awesome coach for them, and I love to write.  Who could say no?

As the piece took shape, it dawned on me that that the idea was powerful beyond the court.

As much as it celebrates the practitioner of self-development, it extols the impact that good leaders have on developing people.

For those with the spirit of “yes I can”, for those on the edge of trying something new, and for those who inspire us to see the potential within…

This is for You.

The Shots You Never Take

I’ve never made a buzzer beater.
I never ever was a cheater.
I have loved hoops since the fifth grade
And Blue Storm teams on which I’ve played.

Not quite the case when I began.
I had no skill, I had no plan.
I dropped the ball, I passed too high,
I couldn’t shoot, I cannot lie.

I tripped and walked, just ask the ref.
When coach said right, I scattered left.
I spent twelve seconds in the lane,
The sounds of whistles hurt my brain.

One day my coach (a patient soul)
Pulled me aside, and set a goal.
“I see potential, I see skill.
Let’s build on that with all your will.”

And so I listened, and I tried
I shot air balls, I fell and cried.
But soon it clicked, and I defended
The plays made sense. The zone, I tended.

My talents, while not top in rank
Made me a shooter, swish and bank.
I scrapped and stole, I did juke tricks.
I blocked some shots, I set some picks.

I’m proud that I stuck out the game.
I know that learning has no shame.
So try we must, the fear to shake
You miss the shots you never take.

So what are you waiting for? Take the shot.

Image Credit: Basketball Sky by Chris Metcalfe