My Privilege to Lead

Leadership Wordle

Leadership Wordle

It’s probably a little early to reflect on 2011 from a purely chronological view of time (chronos).  The significance of events that take place independent of elapsed time (kairos) are always worth pondering, and better still – celebrating.

As a leader, I spend way too much of my time focusing on solving problems and not enough on celebrating accomplishment.

But I gave myself permission to hit the pause button. To share with awe and ebullience how proud I was of my team’s work this year.

And as grateful as I was to have been a part of their work, they were doubly grateful to be acknowledged. Gratitude is powerful stuff.

The work we do now is very different than the work we did 12 months ago, and I suspect will change again dramatically  in the next 12. But the one thing that has remained fairly constant, is the composition of the team.

I believe that a high performing team transcends individual effort to create maximum impact. They lead with purpose, and rise above circumstance. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Their work matters, and they take pride in doing it – even when the crush is on.  Work that matters is 100-fold more enjoyable than work that doesn’t. And that makes all the difference.

I wrote the following poem in awe and celebration of my team for great progress and accomplishment. My hope is that leaders everywhere can use it.

And Pay it Forward.

My Privilege to Lead

There once was a team quite effective,
Tackling problems not unlike detectives.
Wise counsel they gave.
Cycle time they could shave.
Of their honor, they were fiercely protective.

With purpose and spirit indeed,
“Do it right” was the core of their creed.
In their service of great,
Excellence was a trait,
That was my honor and privilege to lead.

Do you take enough time to reflect… show gratitude… let others know they matter? Who will you honor today?