The New Blog Tree – A Limerick

The Blog Tree - New Growth

The Blog Tree

There are a number of bloggers I know
Whose voices drive digital flow.
With ideas ever sturdy
Twitter-tight, not so wordy,
Our wisdom they selflessly grow.

In salute to the signal created
 These authors have been elevated
On the newest Blog Tree
(From Eloqua and Jess3)
Their influence, interactively stated.

May the words from their digital helm
Raise the bar in the marketing realm.
May the shadow they cast
Be as sturdy and vast
As a redwood, sequoia or elm.

About The Blog Tree: New Growth

All gene pools benefit from healthy DNA, and if the blogosphere is going to continue to evolve, it’s important that new voices are heard. The Blog Tree: New Growth [is] truly a collection of the freshest voices on the Web.

Joe Chernov, VP Content Marketing, Eloqua

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