The 19 Year Itch

Celtic Knot

After 19 years of marriage (today), I must admit, I have the itch. Hold on now.  Not that itch.

It’s probably more like a goose-bump. An arm-hair raising, chicken-skin moment.

A shiver, from a thought that runs 31-derful years into the future. Our grandson marvels
How did you make it together for 60 years?”

Part vision, part flashback, I recall a similar conversation between me and my grandparents. As a model of enduring love, I want our grand-kids to have that same feeling.  Hopeful awe.

In anticipation of that milestone, allow me to provide 19 reasons why I have the itch – the itch to go the distance.

    1. We vowed eternity and meant it
    2. We created three amazing human beings together
    3. We take progress over perfection
    4. We know the art of sacrifice
    5. We crushed the jellybean jar myth
    6. I’m her dictionary, she’s my cruise director
    7. Our passion for a well hopped IPA
    8. Our quests for sea glass together on LBI
    9. Everything I learned about sports, she taught me
    10. Everything she learned about writing, I taught her
    11. One day, she will get me to relax for more than an hour
    12. One day, I’ll get her to part with some of the junk in the basement
    13. She’s an awesome basketball coach.  A real champion and role model who brings honor to the game.
    14. We’ve weathered some tough storms together.  She usually gets me the Kleenex.
    15. She knows that Koa (a Hawaiian wood) is an anagram for Oak which comes in handy during ultra-competitive games of Quiddler.
    16. Sometimes, I let her win – demonstrating wisdom
    17. Sometimes she kicks my tail – producing humility
    18. We don’t fall apart that often, but when we do – we pick up the pieces for each other
    19. I love to make her laugh

My love. My compass. My first blog subscriber. You know how much I love to write. You know how much I love you. I just had to share it.

Consider it our 19th opus – part of an unfinished body of work it will take us an eternity to compose together.

Thank you for being my hope, my joy, my life, my love and the companion in life that gives me – the itch to go the distance.


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