Plus K – You’ve So Made My Day

Are measures of Social Influence too much Stardust, and not enough Ziggy?
A light parody of our fascination with ourselves, and emerging standards of social sway.

Making love with his ego, Ziggy sucked up into his mind. (Ahhh!) Like a leper messiah … David Bowie

With influence indexes growing
I join in the ranks of those crowing
of great equity gains
fueled by ego campaigns
where I #RockTheRetweet ’til I’m glowing.

Despite a slow start (rather shoddy)
I ran up the charts like some hotty.
With my hubris aglow,
well what do you know,
I share jokes with the new  Klouterati.

With that score screaming upward I’d brag
but my Empire Ave shares did drag.
On one hand precocious,
the other, atrocious –
fast approaching a huge fail hashtag.

With these scores in such public display
on the top, it can be hard to stay.
But in my biopic
I will rock out on topics
Oh, plus K – you have so made my day!

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