The Circle of Trust (Bard Remix)

The Circle of Trust for B2B Marketers

In b-school they taught me about the four P’s.
My favorite (Oh Place!) made me weak in the knees.
I sailed through with honors, taglines in hand
Intentioned to join an incredible brand.

Endeavored did I, to grow through brute force.
So I doubled mail volume as a matter of course.
In the law of large numbers did my comfort abide,
For I could dial up volume to combat a yield slide.

Then the industry morphed, the economy tanked.
Technology shifts left my paradigm spanked.
With the skill of a ninja I Googled like crazy
And stumbled on thinking that served to amaze me.

It wasn’t one author, it was likely twelve score
Informing a mashup that with passion, I bore.
Convictions long held were reduced to mere dust,
And replaced by a model, called The Circle of Trust.

To view the full model/graphic with commentary, access this link [JPEG].


2 thoughts on “The Circle of Trust (Bard Remix)

    • Chris – Glad you liked it, and thanks for your comment. As for the MTP reference, you are exactly right. The first Circle of Trust post I did as a guest blogger for had a link to a YouTube video where Jack explains the Circle to Fokker.

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