Mad Hatter Marketing

Mad Hatter Marketing

The Value of Time

Mad Hatters and Hares put our wits to the test
As they spill forth ideas that are barely third best.
They spin yarns bereft of both reason and rhyme.
Should an email get opened, it is scarce worth the time.

Their ill-conceived copy of platitude reeks
With half-baked ideas from some babbling freaks.
This unwanted spam in which we are drowning
Sours the Cheshire, so now he is frowning.

These savvy young scoundrels have circled the wagons
With magical data, and spin they can brag on.
With finely tuned metrics and mythical numbers
Tweedle Dee may look smart, but the business grows dumber

“If you knew time as well as I, you wouldn’t dream wasting it
The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

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