This post is dedicated to our oldest son, who celebrates his Confirmation today.

Throughout your life, you pass through doorways. Many lack special meaning, but are marks of progress.

Others are gateways to incredible journeys.  Some are the thresholds of achievement.

Today, your Confirmation embodies them all.

The Door of Progress
We are enormously proud of you. Not just for today’s milestone. And not only because you are our son. It is because of the man you are becoming.  And if hearing us describe you as a “man” seems strange – saying it is infinitely more mind-boggling. While Confirmation may seem like a way to punctuate your religious instruction it might be more helpful to consider it a transition.

You’ve been given a model of love. It is yours to perfect.

The Door of Achievement
You’ve earned Confirmation through years of building wisdom, right judgement and faith. You’ve developed the gift of service to others and learned to help others navigate through their own doorways as a friend, a team-mate, a brother and a leader.

You have earned the belief, trust and confidence of many. You approach the pathways in your life with committment, character, intensity and spirit. And we’ve been so lucky to navigate through so many challenges together: from words to walking, from kindergarten to Communion, in tears and in triumphs, from the early days of finding your feet on the court, to the excitement of watching you “own” the game.

As our first child, you’ve also had a special responsibilities: the”first” to experience and test boundaries, the first to teach us how to “let go” enough so you can forge your own paths, and the first to serve as model for your brothers.

And because you were the first to ask Dad “Why don’t you receive Communion?” your innocent question opened the door to his own spiritual awakening.

You have been blessed with so many natural gifts and work hard to develop your many talents.

You are no stranger to the doors of achievement. Keep pushing them open.

The Door of Commitment
Today you are accepting adult ownership of your faith. This isn’t one of those “set it and forget it” things. Think of developing faith much in the same way you think of athletic conditioning. You have to work continuously to stay in shape, to maintain your competitive edge. You work out even when you don’t want to.

Sometimes even the best trained athletes don’t win. And so it is with faith.  There will be periods when you may lose your way. There will even be moments when you choose the wrong door. Don’t let those moments close the door you’ve worked so hard to stride through.

Along with your ability to discern great from terrible choices, faith gives you a guidance system, a return path and a true north.  Let it be your GPS.  Be open to the signal it emits.

Honor the door of commitment.

Thank you for being such a joy in our lives. Congratulations on your achievement.

Our love always,

Dad & Mom

Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.
John: 20:29