Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Feet Don’t Fail Me

I had done it. 

I had taken 18 months worth of learning, preparation and practice.  And I transformed the way we do digital marketing. 

It was an amazing feeling.

How I Went the Distance

  • I challenged myself to market like a Wonka – understanding the linkage between remarkable results, talented people and a culture of innovation.
  • With zen-like clarity, I became one with the customer.  I didn’t just know them.  I was them.  I was ready to earn the right to their attention.
  • Because I had done my homework, and had developed the patiently nurturing qualities of a people geek, I was ready to create content that added value across phases of their buying journey.
  • Having re-imagined the potential of remarkable content, I enlisted the help of a brilliant design firm to breathe life into the uncanny insights I had gathered.
  • When it was time to give flight to my ideas, a faint whisper drifted into my consciousness reminding me to stay grounded in my connections with others – not to become a social media diva.
  • The performance of this campaign had blown away even my most optimistic forecasts. Even then, I knew there was upside to be had.  So I created a number of optimization tests that set new success benchmarks.
  • I’m ready to raise the bar ever higher.

A slamming door jarred me awake.  The peace earned in slumber was replaced with an awkward reality.  Were my feet ready to take me to places in which only my heart and mind had been?

I promised myself not to over-think it.  So, here we go.

Feet don’t fail me now!


9 thoughts on “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

  1. Hi Bill,

    If your content is anything like your poetic post, your feet are definitely not failing you! Thanks very much for including my post. I’m honored.

    From one people geek to another – Go For It!

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