Ireland’s Call (for Limericks)

With Saint Patrick’s Day upon us, what better tribute than to share a few limericks over a pint or two. Consider this recommended reading after three.

You can find silly, happy, wistful and of course melancholy verse. Many are social-media aware and all are family friendly!

It’s Hard to Pout When You’ve Got Klout
I once launched a new brand on Twitter
That made some old mates of mine bitter
My Klout was outrageous
‘Cause my Tweets were contagious
A grand slam, after years of no-hitters.

Of North by Northeast
If you long to be South by Southwest
With pop culture you’re surely obsessed
If you can’t be in Texas
You should trade in your Lexus
If you ain’t there, who shall be impressed?

The Ballad of Billy the Kick
There once was goat from Nantucket
Quite rich – he had literally struck it
He wasn’t so sharp
But he played a mean harp
With two hoofs that could artfully pluck it.

The Glad From the Lad
There once was a lad from the hill
Who knew how to lay down a thrill
With a wit like a saber
You would laugh without labor
Until milk out your nostril would spill.

A Taxing Existence
In Cork lived a fellow quite poor
Who had not a house, just a door
When the tax man did knock
‘Twas hardly a shock
That his pence could be offered no more.

Love’s Fickle Kingdom – Kleenex Recommended
In your eyes he once stood as a king
Blessed in union, you each bore a ring
But as time soldiered on
Love’s ideals you did pawn
Lost in winter and hoping for spring.

In your eyes she once stood as a queen
A fair lass, full of passion so keen
But in time you did muse
What had snuffed out the fuse
Of that fairy tale couple you’d been.

Side by side we stand like brothers
One for all, and all together
We will stay united through darker days
And we’ll be unbeatable forever.
Ireland’s Call, Phil Coulter

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