A Survival Guide to Marketing Cabin Fever

I should be leaving this climate. I got a verse but can’t rhyme it.
I gotta go where it’s warm ~ Jimmy Buffet, Boat Drinks ~


Drink by Candlelight

Bad news for all you poetry nuts. I’m switching to prose for this post. I gotta go where it’s warm.

In a recent post, I contrasted old school marketing with what’s possible through the purposeful use of social technologies. And if you’re like me, restless about the pace at which you’re moving toward the vision – you have a case of cabin fever.

Good news. There’s a cure.

Grab a Glass
We all need a vision we can believe in. Mine is simple, though not terribly instructive. But it paints an idealistic future state is a powerful motivator to be the change we know is possible.

Feel the Thirst
All dreams contain an element of unreality, if not impossibility; that’s what makes them so thrilling to chase. They are like refreshing oases that beckon us with the promise of azure skies, pink beach sand and of course, boat drinks. And we reach for them, umbrellas included, in an attempt to slake our thirst.

Belly Up to the Bar
If we plan to answer the plea for ambition in marketing, we have to rewire old habits to change our destiny. As much as marketing is a “profession of ideas,” it is also a playground for imagination. Along with a willing spirit, they are the forces that will propel us to stop hollering about ourselves in the arena and start debating issues of substance in the kitchen.

Drink Responsibly
There’s nothing like a good manifesto to get the heart racing. Strike an emotional chord and we can charge like elephants. But rushing headlong into new territory without a sherpa is like chasing an empty promise. . Fortunately, most of us know the dangers of marketing under the influence, and practice disruption mindfully and methodically.

Pour the Captain a Grande
Let’s face it. Transformation might not be a pleasure cruise, but it will be a much smoother sail when we take along enlightened souls, especially our leaders. Grounding the discussion in specific use cases that lead to familiar business outcomes, we shift the nature of the argument from social media as a religion, to social technologies as a method to achieve our goals.

Go Where it’s Warm.
Cabin Fever. We all get it, and we can all get through it. Some don’t know they have it yet. Others are just bellying up to the bar. Many are learning how to drink responsibly. And a growing number are buying the rounds to help others navigate better.

Wherever you are on the journey, take the time to enjoy it.


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  1. Just discovered the new blog, and love the prose and poetry! Thanks Bill, great stuff. Looking forward to more as we all try to figure out the best way forward.

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