A “Mad Lib” Valentine

We all have poetry in our hearts…
release your inner bard

As a Bard, it’s my duty to make the world a safer place to use poetry.

To do that, people need the freedom to express themselves with simple and familiar tools.

Enter the “Mad Lib” Valentine.

What better day to express yourself through poetry than on St. Valentine’s Day?

Sure, you could buy a card that features someone else’s poetry.
Is that really the best you can you do?

Instead, you could spend a few minutes in deep reflection, choosing four very personal words to create a 100% custom poem for someone really special.

We all have poetry in our hearts. Now, you have the power to release your inner bard. Your partner will be amazed!

Download the “Mad Lib” Valentine (PDF, 122 KB)
… and tell your friends how they can become poets too!

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!!