About Bill Strawderman

I really like to write. For me it’s a stone I left unturned for quite a while.
A path I longed to travel. And so I did.

I think of my writing and poetry as gifts. 
For me, the gift of expression.
For you I hope – the gift of discovery and meaning.

I’m a bit of a hack as a photographer too – and I combine the worlds of sight and sound with short 17 syllable verse on Instagram.

I could say a lot more “about me” – but I’m more comfortable letting my work be a looking-glass. I hope you enjoy what you see.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Kodak Meets Instagram
Instachrome: The Kodachrome Remix

Don’t be a Doofenshmirtz!
Blog Like Phineas

Marketers Are Castaways
The Gilligan Effect in B2B Marketing

The Tao of Mark Schaefer
The Tao of Mark Schaefer

Tears for Fears Klout Classic
Shout: The Klout Remix


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